LEBPN|work related learning

"Young people need to be better prepared to enter the world of work"

Work Related Learning (WRL) is a statutory entitlement for all 14 16 year old students. Schools need to be able to provide WRL opportunities across the curriculum for students to learn about work, for work and through work. Enterprise education is a key element of WRL.

The first 5 Specialised Diploma lines will be available for teaching in September 2008. Working in consortia with colleges, EBPs, training providers and others, schools will be able to offer access for all students to 17 Diploma lines from 2010. These Diploma lines will offer vocational pathways covering all sectors of the economy.

The EBPs offer a range of services and support that provide business links and successful WRL programmes to benefit students and provide evidence to support Self Assessment for Ofsted inspection.

The programmes offer opportunities for :

  • Schools to develop their WRL provision across the curriculum through inset and practical support
  • Teachers to update their understanding of the world of business and enterprise, through professional development placements.
  • Students to recognise, develop and apply employability and entrepreneurial skills, through participation in interactive business-related activities

The EBPs draw from all sectors of business (employers and employees), the wider community, universities, colleges and training providers to support education business link activities

The work-related learning guide - first edition

This guide is intended to provide you with a good understanding of work-related learning. It is aimed at everyone involved young people and their parents or carers, employers, schools and colleges, and the Education Business Partnership Organisations that help to make it happen.