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LEBPN is the largest provider of work experience in London with 52,300 young people being placed in the last 12 months alone.

Work experience involves students taking on the role of a young worker and engaging in work tasks, using and developing work skills, being involved in work processes and experiencing work environments. It is an important part of Work Related Learning which allows students to learn about the world of work in a “real life” working situation.

Block … Work Experience is where students work with a placement provider for five or ten days consecutively. 

It is intended to give a student an experience of working life and the Key Skills needed in the workplace rather than a chance to try out an occupation they may want to follow.  Within the limits of what is available, and the demands for very popular areas of work, the choice is made to benefit a student’s education, rather than for job sampling or recruitment purposes.

Extended … Work Experience is where students work with a placement provider one or two days a week over a period of time.  

It is intended for students who wish to follow a particular occupation as part of their curriculum and usually leads to, or is part of, a vocational qualification.

Work Experience - A guide for secondary schools

This booklet provides information and guidance for work experience co-ordinators and teachers involved in work placements during Key Stage 4.

Work Experience - A guide for employers

This publication provides practical advice and guidance to employers on the organisation of work experience. It includes information on their legal responsibilities, insurance and health and safety issues of work experience.

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