LEBPN | mentoring

Mentoring aims to raise the aspirations, confidence, self esteem and achievements of young people.   A mentor has life skills that they are willing to share for mutual benefit.  The mentor provides a positive influence and role model and the mentee gains from sharing the mentor’s experience. 

The EBP recruits, trains and supports volunteer mentors; and co-ordinates the programmes, helping to ensure continuity and success. 

Positive role model

Raising aspirations and achievement in diverse cultural groups through mentoring by ‘role models’ from the same group and / or gender – setting an example, supporting and encouraging students to raise their aspirations and performance.

Academic support

Raising aspirations and achievement in young people through adult mentors supporting and encouraging students to raise their self-expectations and performance.

e - mentor

Through emails, volunteers maintain regular contact with students, often providing details about company structures, systems and working processes.  The email systems have been carefully designed to ensure that both the student and volunteer mentors are protected, with automated safeguards and regular checks forming part of the reviews.