LEBPN | enterprise

The Davies Review defines enterprise activity as “... the capability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and new ways of doing things, to make reasonable risk / reward assessments and act upon them in one’s personal and working life.”

Government defines enterprise as

  • Financial Literacy
  • Economic & Business Understanding
  • Enterprise Capability

Enterprise programmes seek to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in young people and can be tailored to individual school’s / college’s needs and / or selected from a menu of activities.  Similarly, Enterprise activities available through the EBP can run from an hour, to a day, to a week; and can vary in terms of desired outcomes.

For example, some programmes are constructed to directly support subject content and curriculum delivery (acquisition of knowledge); others are related to developing enterprise capability (development of skills); whilst others combine both aims.

Enterprise activities provide students with challenges that promote skills in problem-solving, team membership and leadership, initiative, adaptability, risk-taking and decision-making.  By providing opportunities to develop these skills, students gain increased understanding of what processes are involved in the initiation and development of a business enterprise idea; which helps them to develop vision and creativity for their future lives.