EBP Assists with Grant Applications Year-Round

EBP is always ready to apply its experience in grant support.

The EBP team has decades of experience in BCA work, including successful consultation on transportation grant applications, ranging from performing the required benefit-cost analysis to preparing the full application. The firm offers a wide spectrum of BCA tools recognized by USDOT, including easily understood and communicated spreadsheet applications, as well as the Multimodal Benefit Cost Analysis tool available through TREDIS software.  Since the inception of the TIGER discretionary grant program in 2009, EBP has supported over $290 million in federal discretionary grant awards of all kinds, including a 2022 Port Infrastructure Development Program Grant (PIDP) for Port of Muskogee,  two 2022 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grants for Port of San Juan Wharf and Moore, OK, a 2022 Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant for West Central FL, two 2021 Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) grant applications for Port Alpena, MI and Hancock County Port, MS, and a 2021 Commuter Rail Safety Improvement (CARSI) grant. Selected recent experience includes:

Contact Ira Hirschman of EBP for more information. For more on the MBCA and TREDIS tools, contact Derek Cutler of TREDIS Software.